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General suits range from $500-750 based on fabric selection and customizations. Depending on style and design choice, this could increase pricing.

Social Responsibility

We donate products through BesongSmile (, a New York based nonprofit/501 (c) (3) organization, to individuals from underserved communities or individuals who are unable to afford clothing for special events like prom, graduation, a court appearance, a job interview, wedding, etc. Go to for more details on how we approach our social responsibility. Please email with questions, comments, suggestions, or information on potential beneficiaries of our products.

Green, Red, Yellow Colors on the Jacket Sleeves and the Logo

Green, red, and yellow are the colors of the Cameroonian flag. Given that our founders were either born or raised in Cameroon, or have other significant personal connections with Cameroon, and our tailors are based in Cameroon, we use the green, red, and yellow colors to honor our connection to Cameroon and as part of our branding efforts.

As our products are fully customized, you can elect to have our colors on your sleeve buttonholes, you can choose your own colors on your sleeve buttonholes, or you may elect to have no special colors on your sleeve buttonholes.

Order Delivery Time

Our estimated delivery time is  3 to 6 weeks. We make an efficient effort to deliver our products expediently, but our delivery times may vary based on availability and customizations of products or services, weather, and circumstances outside of our control. Please note that any fabric selections not currently in stock will also cause delay in delivery time.

Origin of Products

We have partnered with well-established, professional tailors in Cameroon, West Africa, to offer clothing that is never standardized or mass produced. Our products are tailored in Cameroon of fabric manufactured across the world.


Consists of our current stock of base and premium fabric selection along with  VBC . Anything outside of these selections, we will have to politely decline.


Measurements are taken in person during time of consultation. Please be sure to wear any other garments during the fitting, such as shirt and/or shoes being worn for occasion if not being provided by us to ensure measurements are as accurate as possible. If you choose to use a local tailor, please ensure measurements are sent to us. Please understand if a local tailor is used, we cannot guarantee exact measurements will translate to a proper fit.


You may send us a message or call using 917-409-6641 or go to for general inquiries, appointment rescheduling, and weddings/large orders.

Appointment Rescheduling

Go to to make or reschedule your appointment. We look forward to serving you!

Refund/Return &
Alteration Policy

Being our product is made with your specifications and customizations, eliminating its resale value, we do not accept returns or issue any refunds for our products.

 However, we do offer a one-time alternation of your products at no additional cost.

To have us alter a product, you must do the following:

a. Send an email to orders@edbesong.comand include the order number in the subject (for example: “Altering Order #123”) no later than fourteen (14) days after you receive the package (the “Receipt Date”);
b. We would acknowledge receipt of your request for an alteration and we would respond to your email, notifying you of the address to ship the product to; and
c. Have the product to be altered, unworn and in its original condition with all relevant attachments and accessories, postmarked no later than thirty (30) days after you receive the package (the “Alteration Date”).

100% Customization 100% Tailored to you