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How to Take Measurements at Home

How to Take Measurements at Home To find your perfect fit. This article will outline the most common suit measurements and offer basic instruction on how to take them accurately.
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Young Black Male Professionals: A glimpse of fashion and society

Even in this day of casual-wear, a tailored suit still carries an aura of success, taste, and style.  Clothing is our second skin, as most of life is spent wearing
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Suits for women made simple:

What You Need To Know By EdBesong, Inc. Nothing says confidence and class like a woman in a suit! For many women, finding the right suit can be quite a
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4 Secrets to Balance Work, Life, and Running

Working a full-time job, being an entrepreneur, training for multiple marathons a year, taking care of your family, going to the gym religiously, being a good friend, and constantly seeking
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The Cameroonian Experience

Why EdBesong Inc. Tailors in Cameroon Instead of China By Ed – October 25, 2019 For many U.S. clothing companies, China is the go to play for cost-effective custom-made clothing. In acknowledging that
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How Many Suits Should You Have in Rotation? (For Men)

How Many Suits Should You Have in Rotation? Ah, the everlasting question arises: how many suits should you have in rotation? Honestly, no one’s stopping you from stocking your closet
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NYC Custom Suits Delivered in 2 Weeks