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A special day deserves a special attire

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Wedding FAQs


Generally, we carry wool or cotton fabrics in the 180s to 220s range. While we rotate our fabric selections seasonally, most of our clients are able to find fabrics that meet their needs within our catalog. If we do not currently carry a fabric you are interested in, we would gladly find it for you. Simply share a picture of it with us or offer us your best description of it.



We offer house call in the Northeast region of the United States at a reasonable cost of travel, based on location vis a vis our home office in Manhattan. For clients outside of the Northeast region, we are able to provide a simple list of measurements to be provided for our tailoring purposes. We strongly advise against measuring yourself – please have a professional tailor take these measurements on your behalf. While we prefer to take client measurements ourselves, the quality and timing of your products would not be compromised when another tailor measures you.

Delivery Time

Our estimated delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks. We make an earnest effort to deliver our products expediently, but our delivery times may vary based on availability and customizations of products or services, weather, and circumstances outside of our control. However, for weddings, we prefer to have at least a 2-month window to tailor in honor of your special day.


We have partnered with well-established, professional tailors in Cameroon, West Africa, to offer clothing that is never standardized, or mass produced. Our products are tailored in Cameroon of fabric made in Italy.

Product Design

We are a full-service custom-tailoring company. We will not adjust ready-made clothing, but roll out fabric and build detailed, personalized, specially made clothing for you.

As every wedding outfit is different, we invite you to contact us directly to discuss pricing. Generally, we offer special wedding prices for parties of 5 or more people.

We donate products through BesongSmile (, a New York based nonprofit/501 (c) (3) organization, to individuals from underserved communities or individuals who are unable to afford clothing for special events like prom, graduation, a court appearance, a job interview, wedding, etc. Go to for more details on how we approach our social responsibility. Please email with questions, comments, suggestions, or information on potential beneficiaries of our products.

NYC Custom Suits Delivered in 2 Weeks