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Social Responsibility

At EdBesong, we are a family business founded on the desire to create a platform through which our partners (our customers, our tailors, our executive team, founders, nonprofit organizations, alike) can be inspired by a world full of diversity in culture and style.

Indeed, we celebrate the uniqueness and similarities in our customers; we empower our customers to design clothing with a personal touch; and we pledge to never compromise our responsibility to our partners and society.

We have partnered with well-established, professional tailors in Cameroon, West Africa, to offer clothing that is never standardized or mass produced. Given that our founders were either born or raised in Cameroon, or have other significant personal connections with Cameroon, we celebrate the opportunity to facilitate employment in Cameroon.

Our compensation packages prioritize responsible pay, work-life balance, creative and professional autonomy, anti-discriminatory and safe working environments, and healthcare. It is worth noting that we are one of the first organizations in Cameroon, public or private, to offer healthcare support as part of a compensation package.

We believe that our platform enables our tailors to thrive professionally and personally.

We donate products through through BesongSmile (, a New York based nonprofit/501 (c) (3) organization, to individuals from underserved communities or individuals who are unable to afford clothing for special events like prom, graduation, a court appearance, a job interview, wedding, etc.

Please email with questions, comments, suggestions, or information on potential beneficiaries of our products.

We encourage our customers to pursue wellness and to strive to have the body makeups they desire, whether it involves gaining or losing weight. We understand that when a significant change in your body composition occurs, your wardrobe may have to change as well.

As such, we encourage our customers to set goals for themselves and once the goals are achieved, send an email to with (1) a picture of the customer in our product and the corresponding order number and (2) a description of the goal that has been achieved. We will reply with a coupon for $25 within 48 hours of receipt of such email.

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