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SuitSupply, Indochino, and Black Lapel – yet, EdBesong is Steph Curry

In the spirit of NBA free agency and the ongoing comparison of the greatness of players like Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Steph Curry, permit me use the NBA as a timely analogy for the men’s bespoke (custom) suits industry. In comparing SuitSupply, Indochino, Black Lapel, and EdBesong, the focus will be on price, product delivery time, and fabric quality as depicted in the table below:


SuitSupply Indochino Black Lapel EdBesong
Full Suit Starts at $639 (3) Between $449 and $799 – $799 suits are periodically discounted to $349 (3) Between $499 and $1,299 (3) All suits for $475 prior to any discounts (2)
Vest $139 $99 $120 $100
Extra Pants $250 $129 $160 $100
Potential Estimated Price 1,028 (1) $577 to $1,029 $779 to $1,579 $675 prior to discounts

(1) SuitSupply charges for alterations. Black Lapel, Indochino, and EdBesong offer free alterations.

(2) EdBesong offers a number of coupons and discounts that would reduce the price of each suit to approximately $425

(3) SuitSupply, Black Lapel, and Indochino charge different prices for different fabrics. All EdBesong products are uniformly priced, irrespective of fabric choice.


SuitSupply Indochino Black Lapel EdBesong
All Products 4 to 5 weeks 3 to 4 weeks 3 to 4 weeks 2 to 3 weeks


SuitSupply Indochino Black Lapel EdBesong
All Products Pure (100%) super 110 and super 120 wool Some pure (100%) fabrics and some mixtures of fabric (i.e., wool and mohair) Variation of wool, linen, cotton, and flannel Pure (100%) super 180s and super 220s wool and cotton

As you would note from the aforementioned table, EdBesong offers the most price effective suits, with the exception of the instances were Indochino significantly discounts some suits to $349. Further, EdBesong presents for its customers the shortest delivery time at 2 to 3 weeks between when a product is ordered and when it is delivered.

In addition, EdBesong only offers pure (100%) wool and cotton fabrics, and each fabric is either 180s and 220s – generally, the higher the thread count, the pricier the actual fabric is and the more luxurious the fabric looks and feels. EdBesong reasonably and uniformly prices its products without compromising the quality of materials. It is worth noting that Indochino, Black Lapel, and EdBesong do not charge customers for alterations while SuitSupply does. Additionally, Indochino – unlike SuitSupply, Black Lapel, and EdBesong – does not allow customers to return products for a 100% refund.

In a fashion world were SuitSupply, Indochino, and Black Lapel dominate the men’s bespoke suits narrative, EdBesong is a game changer. Just as Lebron James and Kevin Durant are great NBA players, so too are SuitSupply, Indochino, and Black Lapel in the fashion industry. However, the EdBesong experience offers wholesome value to its customer through responsible pricing, faster delivery time, and higher fabric quality.

Like Steph Curry, EdBesong can easily be underrated, unassuming, and underestimated at first glance, yet every EdBesong sale leaves its customers in awe of the EdBesong commitment to affordable and superior quality business attire.

Indeed, EdBesong’s customers always leave with a smile and never fail to spread the word – and that to us, is the EdBesong way!