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How Many Suits Should You Have in Rotation? (For Men)

How Many Suits Should You Have in Rotation?

Ah, the everlasting question arises: how many suits should you have in rotation?

Honestly, no one’s stopping you from stocking your closet to capacity. But if you are a serious suit-wearer, consider working yourself up to at least five different styles of suits so you can own a suit for all occasions.

A Hierarchy of Suit Needs

1-2 Suits: You have never owned a suit in your life and you want to drastically improve your style.

3-4 Suits: You are more than just a situational suit-wearer. You have some skin in the style game.

5-20 Suits: You are a style aficionado. To fully express yourself means having options that showcase your style in a varied way.

Let’s break this down into categories to cover the topic on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you are only a situational suit wearer, buying five suits may seem excessive. But for the habitual wearer, five should be the bare minimum.

For Those Just Starting Their Style Journey: Go Bespoke and Versatile

Owning at least 1 or 2 suits is vital to be prepared for all of life’s special occasions – whether it’s to dress to impress, for weddings, for presentations, or for interviews.

If you have never owned a suit before, your best bet is to go bespoke.

Getting your first suit can be intimidating because there are so many variables at play, and the overall fit of a suit shouldn’t be left up to chance.

Instead of buying off the rack, getting your suit personally tailored for you will ensure all dimensions fit perfectly.

You can drop a lot of money on a nice suit with amazing fabric, but if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t look or feel right either.

You can accessorize and branch out stylistically from a pattern-less suit to more adventurous choices by experimenting with shoes or belts.

Another thing to keep in mind if you’re buying your first suit is that you’re going to want something versatile.
Navy-colored or charcoal suits are often the go-to’s for first suits. This is because of their ability to go with almost anything. They are extremely versatile.

Think of the Navy and Charcoal colors as the solid foundation from which your style evolves.

You can accessorize and branch out stylistically from a pattern-less suit to more adventurous choices by experimenting with shoes or belts.

For The More Ambitious Dresser: Think Function and Occasion

Occasion: This is for the party that’s happening on Saturday night. We’re talking bolder colors and some patterns thrown into the mix for that added flair. This is where your personality really shines through. All wardrobes need to expand to fit YOU and YOUR unique style.

Function: These are the versatile suits you wear to work or other events where you want to look your best, but where you can also dress down accordingly. Yes, you are looking good, but you aren’t necessarily making a statement either. You are professional and well put-together. .

For Those Who Have It Figured Out: Go Crazy!

Don’t really go crazy. But by all means, keep doing you and expanding your wardrobe. Having more suits to choose from–paired with different belts, shoes, ties and pants–means you will never really run out of options

At the bare minimum, make sure you have:

If you have any questions about where to start or need expert advice on hitting your style goals, contact us!