Elevate Your Wardrobe this Holiday Season with EB’s Clothing Essentials 

Holiday season is upon us, which means that your calendar is probably filling up with dozens of office parties, gatherings, and after-work celebrations. As much fun as this time of year can be, it can also be stressful to pull together an outfit last minute. So in the spirit of holiday cheer and keeping your schedule manageable- here are quick and easy hacks to keep you looking elegant and dapper for any occasion.

How to Nail the Holiday Party Vibe

Half the fun of the holiday season is embracing sparkly clothing. Take things to fun, new heights by swapping out your traditional suits and add glitz to your holiday ensemble with a sequin dress or suit. As for which shape and style to go with, the choice is yours. Choose whichever silhouette you feel most like yourself in, then add a personal twist with accessories, helping you to truly shine during your next event. If this move feels too over-the-top, go with a set in a darker shade, or tone it down with neutral basics, such as black boots or a white structured shirt.

Aside from giving off the festive vibe, plaid is the classic fall and winter print. Whether you’re a pattern expert or just trying to elevate your suit game, a tuxedo shirt and bowtie give this a more formal look. However, you can effortlessly style a plaid suit jacket with a pair of plain black pants. If you are going for a more bold look, a full plaid suit would make a statement, while bringing the holiday cheer.

Pairing a plaid jacket or holiday sweater with leather pants or leggings is very on-trend, giving the overall look more of an edge. When it comes to accessories, follow the less-is-more mindset. You’ll look festive and ready for a good time. Mixing plaid and velvet is also a festive combination, focusing more on sophistication.

Work Party

Olive green is not only a fall favorite, but great for this time of year. Pairing a turtleneck with a traditional suit is a great way to look fashionable and stay cozy. Want to add a bit of flair? Elevate your shoe game with a pair of shiny loafers.

When you want to show your co-workers you are a little more fabulous after work hours, a tasteful cutout jumpsuit or dress is always the way to go. We love the comfy wide-leg pants option. It is perfect for the holidays, without being too over-the-top and uncomfortable. Work appropriate never looked so chic!

Winter Whites

There is something so romantic, elegant, and versatile about a winter white. In order to spice up this monochromatic look, play around with textures. Add a faux fur vest or jacket, opt for fuzzy knits, bold accessories, or pieces with intricate beading.

Your holiday season can stay stylish without the stress. Remember to dress down and stay cozy when you can, then bring up the glam for fancy and fun holiday events this season. Most importantly, have fun and dress for you. Confidence is your best accessory!

How to Take Measurements at Home

How to Take Measurements at Home

To find your perfect fit.

This article will outline the most common suit measurements and offer basic instruction on how to take them accurately. This will help you get the best experience out of finding your perfect fit in the comforts of your own home. The measurements that will be highlighted below are the most important and will serve as a baseline from which you can reasonably assess a suits fit.

How to properly hold measuring tape:

Be sure to leave about one fingers worth of space behind the measuring tape and between the body. Focus on wrapping the tape around the area of the body being measured and hold it in place. Generally, you’ll want tape to feel snug on you, but not tight. You can drastically change measurements by holding the tape too tight. In tailoring, an inch is a mile.

Types of measurements– Circumference, Length, and Width

When measuring the body, there are three directions one generally needs to go– around (circumference), up and down (length), and across (width). Most bodies have natural dips that allow one to find the same spot to measure from, which is important for the sake of consistency.

Although seeking a professional tailor is ideal, you do not need to be an expert to take measurements. All you need is patience and a friend.

Here at Edbesong, we are always more then happy to assist and steer you in the right direction. If taking measurements yourself is not for you, you may consult with a local tailor of choice. If you are in the Brooklyn/NYC area, please come in and see us! Book your appointment and allow us to take your measurements. You will leave us looking like a GQ model!

Check out our how to measure video and follow along at home!

Young Black Male Professionals: A glimpse of fashion and society

Even in this day of casual-wear, a tailored suit still carries an aura of success, taste, and style.  Clothing is our second skin, as most of life is spent wearing it. What you wear projects an image and informs the world on how you want to be seen.

  First impressions are often formed within seconds of meeting someone and that impression is in part influenced by a person’s appearance. In today’s society, this is particularly sensitive when it comes to black men.

  Our desire is to shine some light on these young black, educated, ground-breaking, good looking models. Each model has a different story to tell and their journeys are distinctly beautiful – so to are their life experiences and senses of fashion.

Meet Leroy Besong

  • What is your profession?

  EHS Engineer

  • Where did you grow up?

  I grew up in Ekona Research- a very small town in the South West Region of Cameroon. I attended school- Primary (elementary), Secondary (Middle), and High in Buea; just some short 10 miles away from Ekona.

  • How would you describe your upbringing?

  One word. Strict! My parents were by the “book”. Basically, I had to go to school, get good grades, go to church and read the bible, respect my elders, one day get a good paying job, and have a wife and family. Although my current perspective may seem a little different from how I was raised, I can be thankful for my parents instilling in me some of these values. My core values: faith/religion, education, respect, and family oriented.

  • What is your sense of style?

  A good tailored suit! However, I am not confined to a suit or blazer. I enjoy mixing and matching different styles- Contemporary and “Old-fashioned”.

  • What is your go to piece to complete a look?

  A nice pair of shades.

Meet Dane Browne

  • What is your profession?

  Merger & Acquisition Tax Consultant

  • Where did you grow up?

   I was born on the island of Antigua, raised in South America (Guyana), and eventually moved to New York with my family for schooling.

  • How would you describe your upbringing?

  Memories of childhood are equal parts filled with love and struggle.

  • What is your sense of style?

  My nickname when younger was Fusion, and my sense of style reflects that in every sense of the word. I love to combine elegant attire with a gritty accessory or have a business base with some casual flair thrown in. The juxtaposition inherent in my style is a reflection of my core belief that we are all multi-faceted. 

  • What is your go to piece to complete a look?

   I have always had a thing for unique jewelry, whether bracelets or pendants that are personalized to me and reflect a part of my character. I’m currently addicted to a dice pendant that I found in Thailand that perfectly captures my tendency to take a chance, after all we only live once right! I don’t leave home without it. 

Meet Jeff “JD” Dorestant

  • What is your profession?

  Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Global connector

  • Where did you grow up?

  I grew up in multiple places, which in some ways helps describe my multi-faceted personality. I was born and raised in Haiti until I was about 7. From there, I moved to Brooklyn, NYC- the heart of the jungle. Then I was in Hamilton, NJ. My last 10 years I have been in Reading, PA.

  • How would you describe your upbringing?

  I grew up very strict with a religious background (you would think my mom was the pastor of  the church). Growing up in Haiti was so much fun and I actually wish I came here later in life because the education there is so advanced.  It’s incredible even in the third world. Growing up in Brooklyn was rough in the beginning. I did not speak English. It was a new place, new culture that I had to learn the ways of the jungle. The versastyle of Brooklyn was good and trouble. Haitian kids got harassed from all sides then things changed in JR high school. The melting pot Brooklyn, off all cultures this where we all came together. The fun Brooklyn… the woo Brooklyn (I’m from flaussy). Brooklyn taught me to have heart, shoot your shot at any girl, confidence is key, and most of all go after what you want. Don’t ever stop until you get it .

My time in Hamilton, NJ, what can I say: the place where I learned the importance of community, support, love and family. Shout out to my church family (first Haitian church of god). Hamilton will always have a special in my heart. I cannot express enough about the support there. In Reading, PA, I met the realest friends one can ever have, true brothahood. Also learned about real racism there. This was the first place I experienced racism because of the small-town mentality. The history there will blow your mind. All around great experiences that made me who I am and look at the world differently as a black man.

  • What is your sense of style?

  Classy, athletic, colorful, vibrant.

  • What is your go to piece to complete a look?

Shades and jewelry.

Meet Ebai Ayuk-Enow

  • What is your profession?

  Personal Trainer

  • Where did you grow up?

  I grew up in Cameroon and Atlanta.

  • How would you describe your upbringing?

  I grew up in a Christian home with a traditional family value system.

  • What is your sense of style?

  I would describe my sense of style as modern and athletic. I like a fitted look including jackets, suits, and jeans with loafers or casual shoes.

  • What is your go to piece to complete a look?

  Truly depends on the mood or occasion. I’d say fitted Jeans, shirt or t-shirt with blazer.

Meet Shane Browne

  • What is your profession?

  Automotive Service Technician 

  • Where did you grow up?

  I was raised In Brooklyn; however I wasn’t born in New York. My family is from the West Indies. I’m from Antigua & Barbuda. It’s been more than 20 years since I left the country. I’m from a neighbourhood called Bedstuy in Brooklyn, New York and spent most of my time living here from when I moved to the U.S.

  • How would you describe your upbringing?

  During my road to success, there was a lot of challenges that I faced along the path. I made a lot of good and not so good decisions. I’m a devoted worker and put a lot of time and energy into anything that I’m serious about. If there’s one thing I can say I learned along the way it is that  “Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent.”

  • What is your sense of style?

  The way that I choose to express myself through style is different from the people that I’m amongst the most. I like to remain low profile while still making a bold fashion statement.

  • What is your go to piece to complete a look?

  There are few pieces that I use to finish an outfit. I’ve made a lot of changes with the way I complete a certain look. To list a few: accessories, jewelry (chains or necklace). I choose a more subtle approach when I want to compliment my look. Something small that has a sentimental value to me or an Initial or brand that signifies something gives apparel a lot more meaning.

Meet Stan Delva

  • What is your profession?

  Doctor (Physical Therapy)

  • Where did you grow up?

  I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Grew up in Canarsie – went on to spend my college years in Downtown BK while attending Long Island University also located in the Downtown Brooklyn area.

  • How would you describe your upbringing?

  My parents were both immigrants from Haiti, but I was raised by a single mother – like so many men I know.  There was a prominent Caribbean culture in my neighborhood, kids with parents from Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominic Republic, etc. so I was able to create my own “family” of people and kids that I grew up with. It was definitely a struggle growing up, and my mother did the best she could – working two jobs to support my sister and I. Brooklyn during the 80s and 90s as you know was a pretty tough place, and we saw shootings, drugs, and not a lot of opportunity for young black men to see a prosperous future.  I think it is because I saw so much oppression of my people, that I was so determined to prove the outside noise wrong and push back. I went on to complete a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, a Master’s Athletic Training, and two Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Physiology- something no one else in my family has ever done.  In the last 8 years I’ve worked in the NFL, NBA as well as Movies sets as an on location medical consultant. I’d say my life’s philosophy is to maxim out on your potential; both physical and metal.  Push your limits beyond that of what is around you and acquire new goals to strive towards. 

  • What is your sense of style?

  I would say my style is classic and fitted.  “Functional & Fashionable – Defined and Detailed” I like to wear clothes that fit – I’ve never been into the baggy jeans and giant shirts look. 

  • What is your go to piece to complete a look?

  My go-to for casual looks is definitely a pair of “perfect fit” jeans, they aren’t too tight, and have just enough “wear” to the finish.  For more formal or business looks, I love a good tailored suit vest – not everyone can pull off a vest.

  After getting to know each of these fine gentlemen’s background, values, and sense of style,  it is safe to say all their life experiences and lessons have shaped them into the men they are today.  They are proud and confident in who they have become, and a big part of that journey can be credited to their heritage. A black man’s style can be very vibrant, festive, and colorful. However, keeping it simple and using tradition is also a cultural principal.

Hey Vogue and GQ, Watch out, Edbesong is here and ready to serve with style and grace.

Book your appointment today.


Suits for women made simple:

What You Need To Know

By EdBesong, Inc.

Nothing says confidence and class like a woman in a suit!

For many women, finding the right suit can be quite a challenge. Not to worry, you are about to find out everything you need to know regarding suits for women.

A suit is an ensemble of two or more outer garments such as a jacket, vest, and trousers. Women’s suits mainly consist of two pieces, the jacket/blazer and trousers/skirt. Between the style/fit, the color/pattern, and accessories worn with the suit will make up the complete look.

Suits are well-known for professional attire, however that does not mean they cannot be worn for other occasions. For instance, a suit can be worn to formal occasions, such as dinner parties, or even date night. The key is knowing
which suit to wear for which occasion and finding the best suit to fit your personal sense of style. Here are some things to consider when securing a suit:

Mix and match ... but keep it together

Your top and bottom pieces do not necessarily need to be cut from the same fabric, so you do not need to buy a full suit set. One thing to keep in mind is be sure that the materials are at least similar in texture. You should be able to put pieces together that will look creative. A simple blazer can enhance your entire outfit and give you that professional look. There are endless options of suit designs, so have fun mixing and matching to your own personal style.

Fitting your suit just right

Having a suit fit perfectly for your figure is an important staple to have in your closet. The two main areas of your suit that showcase your body shape and overall identity. These are the shoulders of your suit jacket/blazer and the seat of the trousers (if you are going with a pantsuit.) It is imperative to consider your body type when selecting your suit style to ensure you are most comfortable. For example, to best fit a curvy body type, a shorter cut blazer would be recommended. If you have a slender frame, a sleek, fitted trouser would be most adequate for that particular body type.

Colors and patterns

A monochromatic design is known to be a more sophisticated look, but the color choices do not always have to be black and white. If you are willing to make a bold statement, why not go for bright colors and unique patterns. If you are willing to push the boundaries with this look, you will have to be courageous and confident. When mixing and matching, be sure that the bottom you choose is either the exact color or similar color scheme. Otherwise, a solid black or white bottom or even jeans would be suggested! The key takeaway here is ensuring the color you chose compliments your personality, confidence, and the occasion.

Other elements of your suit include the undergarments you chose and your accessories.

The piece of garment you chose to wear under your jacket should blend with the entire look. For example, if you want to wear a patterned shirt, your blazer should be shorter in arm’s length so that the shirt detail can show. If you are looking for a basic or more casual look, a simple white t-shirt would be a great option. If you are considering more of a sophisticated-sexy look, an appropriate colored cami-sol or bralette would be the perfect addition to complete the entire ensemble.

Based on the style of your suit, pick the size of your purse or handbag. For fitted suits, you can go with a large handbag of an appropriate color. Your bag or purse can match your shoes or basic black, white or nude generally work. Your shoes should also complement the style of your suit. For example, if you are wearing cropped trousers, you can opt for a pair of low sneakers or heels. In terms of shoe color, black or nude are always versatile options.

In summary, womens suits are a must have when it comes to a complete, resourceful look. Depending on the occasion, a suit can be dressed down or ampedup based on the suit style and accessories. The one thing you must remember when wearing a women’s suit is be sophisticated, powerful and most of all have fun!

At EdBesong, we have a highly skilled team of tailors who will cater to
your custom needs. Anywhere from blazers, trousers, and full set suits, we have you covered.

EdBesong offers custom-tailored women’s suits at affordable prices.


The Cameroonian Experience

Why EdBesong Inc. Tailors in Cameroon Instead of China

By Ed – October 25, 2019

For many U.S. clothing companies, China is the go to play for cost-effective custom-made clothing. In acknowledging that it makes its custom-clothing in China, Black Lapel notes that China offers a mix of cheap and poorly-made, as well as luxurious and quality, products. Instead of debating the merits of Chinese manufacturing in the custom-clothing space, let’s tell you about the Cameroonian experience.

For more information go to

The Cameroonian Experience

In addition to unmatched customer service/satisfaction and supreme quality, our founders, majority of whom are Cameroonian, are very invested in fostering gainful employment and positive life changes in Cameroon.

Admittedly, there are cost-cutting advantages to Chinese manufacturing. Yet, we choose to prioritize our world-class tailors’ wellbeing and the beauty of offering clothing that is not standardized or mass-produced. Our customers are always delighted to know that purchasing our products enables us to provide healthcare to our tailors and their families, paid vacation and maternity leave, livable wages, and a responsible work environment.

We are intent on building a culture where every member of our team is considered an integral part of our family and the ensuing result is nothing shy of the finest custom-tailored clothing in the industry.

Cost-cutting just wouldn’t fly at EdBesong. We celebrate the ability to provide a platform for our world-class tailors to showcase their magical craftsmanship.

China remains the world’s largest clothing exporter, catering to both low-end and high-end brands, but most importantly, each of us as consumers have the power to influence society and the world as a whole through every cent we spend. For the EdBesong family, the choice is simple – quality and social responsibility over short-term financial gain.

We are proud to contribute to the welfare of Cameroon – paying livable wages for valuable expertise is good business!!!

Contact us with your questions or comments on how to get your personalized custom-tailored suit or on expert advice on how to hit your style goals.

How Many Suits Should You Have in Rotation? (For Men)

How Many Suits Should You Have in Rotation?

Ah, the everlasting question arises: how many suits should you have in rotation?

Honestly, no one’s stopping you from stocking your closet to capacity. But if you are a serious suit-wearer, consider working yourself up to at least five different styles of suits so you can own a suit for all occasions.

A Hierarchy of Suit Needs

1-2 Suits: You have never owned a suit in your life and you want to drastically improve your style.

3-4 Suits: You are more than just a situational suit-wearer. You have some skin in the style game.

5-20 Suits: You are a style aficionado. To fully express yourself means having options that showcase your style in a varied way.

Let’s break this down into categories to cover the topic on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you are only a situational suit wearer, buying five suits may seem excessive. But for the habitual wearer, five should be the bare minimum.

For Those Just Starting Their Style Journey: Go Bespoke and Versatile

Owning at least 1 or 2 suits is vital to be prepared for all of life’s special occasions – whether it’s to dress to impress, for weddings, for presentations, or for interviews.

If you have never owned a suit before, your best bet is to go bespoke.

Getting your first suit can be intimidating because there are so many variables at play, and the overall fit of a suit shouldn’t be left up to chance.

Instead of buying off the rack, getting your suit personally tailored for you will ensure all dimensions fit perfectly.

You can drop a lot of money on a nice suit with amazing fabric, but if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t look or feel right either.

You can accessorize and branch out stylistically from a pattern-less suit to more adventurous choices by experimenting with shoes or belts.

Another thing to keep in mind if you’re buying your first suit is that you’re going to want something versatile.
Navy-colored or charcoal suits are often the go-to’s for first suits. This is because of their ability to go with almost anything. They are extremely versatile.

Think of the Navy and Charcoal colors as the solid foundation from which your style evolves.

You can accessorize and branch out stylistically from a pattern-less suit to more adventurous choices by experimenting with shoes or belts.

For The More Ambitious Dresser: Think Function and Occasion

Occasion: This is for the party that’s happening on Saturday night. We’re talking bolder colors and some patterns thrown into the mix for that added flair. This is where your personality really shines through. All wardrobes need to expand to fit YOU and YOUR unique style.

Function: These are the versatile suits you wear to work or other events where you want to look your best, but where you can also dress down accordingly. Yes, you are looking good, but you aren’t necessarily making a statement either. You are professional and well put-together. .

For Those Who Have It Figured Out: Go Crazy!

Don’t really go crazy. But by all means, keep doing you and expanding your wardrobe. Having more suits to choose from–paired with different belts, shoes, ties and pants–means you will never really run out of options

At the bare minimum, make sure you have:

If you have any questions about where to start or need expert advice on hitting your style goals, contact us!

SuitSupply, Indochino, and Black Lapel – yet, EdBesong is Steph Curry

In the spirit of NBA free agency and the ongoing comparison of the greatness of players like Kevin Durant, Lebron James, and Steph Curry, permit me use the NBA as a timely analogy for the men’s bespoke (custom) suits industry. In comparing SuitSupply, Indochino, Black Lapel, and EdBesong, the focus will be on price, product delivery time, and fabric quality as depicted in the table below:


SuitSupply Indochino Black Lapel EdBesong
Full Suit Starts at $639 (3) Between $449 and $799 – $799 suits are periodically discounted to $349 (3) Between $499 and $1,299 (3) All suits for $475 prior to any discounts (2)
Vest $139 $99 $120 $100
Extra Pants $250 $129 $160 $100
Potential Estimated Price 1,028 (1) $577 to $1,029 $779 to $1,579 $675 prior to discounts

(1) SuitSupply charges for alterations. Black Lapel, Indochino, and EdBesong offer free alterations.

(2) EdBesong offers a number of coupons and discounts that would reduce the price of each suit to approximately $425

(3) SuitSupply, Black Lapel, and Indochino charge different prices for different fabrics. All EdBesong products are uniformly priced, irrespective of fabric choice.


SuitSupply Indochino Black Lapel EdBesong
All Products 4 to 5 weeks 3 to 4 weeks 3 to 4 weeks 2 to 3 weeks


SuitSupply Indochino Black Lapel EdBesong
All Products Pure (100%) super 110 and super 120 wool Some pure (100%) fabrics and some mixtures of fabric (i.e., wool and mohair) Variation of wool, linen, cotton, and flannel Pure (100%) super 180s and super 220s wool and cotton

As you would note from the aforementioned table, EdBesong offers the most price effective suits, with the exception of the instances were Indochino significantly discounts some suits to $349. Further, EdBesong presents for its customers the shortest delivery time at 2 to 3 weeks between when a product is ordered and when it is delivered.

In addition, EdBesong only offers pure (100%) wool and cotton fabrics, and each fabric is either 180s and 220s – generally, the higher the thread count, the pricier the actual fabric is and the more luxurious the fabric looks and feels. EdBesong reasonably and uniformly prices its products without compromising the quality of materials. It is worth noting that Indochino, Black Lapel, and EdBesong do not charge customers for alterations while SuitSupply does. Additionally, Indochino – unlike SuitSupply, Black Lapel, and EdBesong – does not allow customers to return products for a 100% refund.

In a fashion world were SuitSupply, Indochino, and Black Lapel dominate the men’s bespoke suits narrative, EdBesong is a game changer. Just as Lebron James and Kevin Durant are great NBA players, so too are SuitSupply, Indochino, and Black Lapel in the fashion industry. However, the EdBesong experience offers wholesome value to its customer through responsible pricing, faster delivery time, and higher fabric quality.

Like Steph Curry, EdBesong can easily be underrated, unassuming, and underestimated at first glance, yet every EdBesong sale leaves its customers in awe of the EdBesong commitment to affordable and superior quality business attire.

Indeed, EdBesong’s customers always leave with a smile and never fail to spread the word – and that to us, is the EdBesong way!